180 Records

At 180 Records we believe in talented people and look at their potential. We want to work with creative people who share the same heart and vision as 180 Media. That vision is mission. As with everything we do, we want to be involved with artists who work hard, serve and understand what a privilege it is, to do what they do.

At 180 Records we are always on the lookout for artists with drive and passion. Our aim is to encourage, invest and develop each of our artists, to help them fulfill their potential and call.

Recording with 180 Records is not just about going to another studio to see what will happen. It is an opportunity to work with highly experienced international producers, in state of the art studios across the UK.  It is about becoming part of a family that is working together to make sure your recording can be the best it can be.

180 Records also have a large number of session musicians, singers, vocalists and song writers to help you turn your ideas into reality.