Airwaves and Ocean Waves

Airwaves and Ocean Waves

So you want to be in ministry? You want to be famous? You want to be well known? 

Many jobs can look glamourous. They can appear from the outside to fulfil all your dreams and tick all your boxes. That's because the people doing these jobs have learned how to be professional no matter what is going on behind the scenes.

They put their life on hold while they serve the greater need, the wider community and the bigger picture. They've earned their place in the spotlight by having character shaped in the secret place.

Many wish to be a fly on the wall, or an ear to the ground when a rock star, a politician or a living legend is interviewed. We all long to spend a day or even an hour in the presence of our heros. Most if us rarely get that opportunity.

Robbie Frawley is a giant of a man. Gentle as a dove but with the courage of a lion. His life has been poured out and his metal has been forged in the fire. He's earned his spurs and is a noble as a knight of the realm.

Although I've known him many years, I've never known his journey, his pain or his sacrifice. Until I read this book, Robbie was a friendly face and a warm hearted companion. After reading his story he has only increased in my estimation and has inspired me to reach higher, fight harder and be better.

If you want to know the inside story of a life of ministry and the cost of commitment to your calling, this book is for you. 

It's my honour to recommend Robbie Frawley and his story to you.

Brian Houston

Singer song writer


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