180 Media

180 Media is a new and exciting organisation with mission at the heart of all we do; from developing and promoting artists, planning and managing events, to recording and producing talented people who share the same desires as 180 Media.

180 Media was set up by Robbie Frawley who has over 30 years experience in broadcasting and the music industry, but it’s not just about one man. 180 Media draws from a wealth of experience across the industry; working with top studios, producers, audio visual experts, web designers, artists and radio/ TV. We want to work with artists who have a desire to see their music make a difference and make an impact, who bring passion and purpose to each project, recognising it’s always a privilege to do what we do.

180 Media is a family; a family of like-minded people from all walks of life and our aim is...mission. The Bible says that without vision the people perish and so our vision is...mission. 

Our mission field is right in front of us- it's on our street, in our work place, our school, it might be as close as our family.

180 Media are taking a fresh look at evangelism and how we take the message of Jesus outside the walls of the church. We are excited to be working alongside national and international organisations like UCB, OneHope and 40:3 Trust and want to partner with churches across the UK, to serve their local communities and see people's lives changed.

Our hope is that 180 Media can help and support your mission. Be that in your community with the 180 Tour or as an artist with your career.